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New E.p. out now, with Noizy Knobs on Adro rec!

Adrien M - Acrostiche
Ambrela - Black Odyssey
Mininome - Hide Away
Ambrela - Crit & Push
NoizyKnobs & J.Sintax - Dark nights
Adrien M - Voyage a l’Aube
Ambrela - Black Odyssey (Belowground Execution)
mininome - 7th Ocean
NoizyKnobs & J.Sintax - Lost
mininome - Ordinary Day
Adrien M - Anachronisme
mininome - Mind Your Head

J.Sintax_If I want to be
On Beatport
Ambber Rec.

The Turning Point - Official Teaser

Music by J.Sintax & F.Napoli

New release for bulgarian net label Mahorka,
Enjoy the trip!
Free download on the website

YOU / WE from j.sintax on Vimeo.

Autore: Enrico De Santis, Alessandro Salvatore

Musica: Federico Ferraris (J.Sintax)

\\\\\ La danza in 1 minuto - I edizione 2011 - ///////////

Video Editing: Mad Dogs

New release, killagroove-mastermind (j.sintax remix) enjoy!

OUTNOW on Beatport! J.Sintax-if i want to be _AmbberRecord